Information technology and communications networks in organizing for managing libraries

Course Details

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to achieve the following benefits:
• Acquiring advanced skills for participants in the field of library management
• Comprehensive knowledge of indexing, book classification, and others
• With a focus on how to benefit from advanced information technology in the field of libraries.
• Providing participants with extensive experience in the field of data monitoring through applications that enable knowledge of incoming and outgoing data movement.
• Introducing participants to physical protection methods, as there are many simple methods that must be followed in order to maintain information security.
Target group
• Managers of all companies and institutions.
• All workers in the management of institutions and companies.
• Those responsible for information security protection departments.
• Who wants to learn ways to protect information.
• Anyone who wants to develop himself in this field

Program content
• Identify needs and know the objectives of libraries:
o Supply
o Indexing
o Classification
o Periodicals
o Preservation and storage
o Replay
• Areas of information and communication technology used in libraries
o Cloning and film encoders.
o Storage and retrieval.
o Communications technology.
o Modern means of communication and their role in serving libraries.
o Electronic publishing and its impact on libraries.
o The future of the printed book in light of modern communications.
o Developing supervisory skills in the library.
o Meeting and dealing with the public.
• A practical case on the use of information technology in organizing and managing libraries.
• The necessary steps to maintain the skills acquired from the program.
• Internet risks to information security.
• The risk of revealing confidential information.
• Preparing the necessary implementation plan to transfer the acquired skills into practical application.
• Practical and applied cases and workshops
• Evaluation and conclusion of the training program

Date & Location

Sun - 25 Feb 2024 - Dubai

Date : Sun - 25 Feb 2024
Duration : 5 days
Place : Dubai
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