Course Name Location Starts Duration
Regional Workshop on the Implementation of the International Standard Classification of All Economic Activities cairo 4/12/2022 5 days
Environment statistics Malaysia 4/12/2022 5 days
Quarterly National Accounts Istanbul 4/12/2022 5 days
Record of people and the only identify number Sharm El-Shikh 11/12/2022 5 days
Food Security Information and statistics kuala lumpur 11/12/2022 5 days
indicators And demographic projections Dubai 18/12/2022 5 days
Census and field survey Alexandria 18/12/2022 5 days
Agricultural census design Dubai 18/12/2022 5 days
Statistics of Government finance Dubai 25/12/2022 5 days
indicators And demographic projections Sharm El-Shikh 25/12/2022 5 days