The development of a culture of learning increases the possibilities and the potential of individuals and provide operational efficiency, which in turn increase the growth and development of work, and here comes our turn and main role, we are the International Training Center & Consultation, where we put your organization of the summit of the role of competitive, and to our recognition that employees and organizations are the greatest wealth and the main reason for the development of society.

What is the International Training Center & Consultation?
The International Training Center & Consultation is one of leading institutions in the Middle East region, which was established its head office in Alexandria, Egypt in 2002 to extend its branches over the following years to include branches inside and outside Egypt, in several Arab, European, Asian and American countries...

The ITCC is a scientific initiative in the field of professional training ... It present a set of training programmes and consulting services of high quality and efficiency to many of the ministries, institutions, organizations and major companies in various fields in the Middle East, especially the Arab world, and to solve problems and obstacles that hinder the performance of individual and institutional development, and development and thus ensure that training solutions for the development of the capacities of personnel at the site of their work , which makes the sessions of the International Training Centre & Consultancy the most appropriate solution to achieve the goals of change and development.

Why the International Training Center & Consultation?
Providing training programmes and consulting services are supported in accordance with the actual needs of enterprises, organizations and large enterprises in both the government and private sectors, as the ITCC characterized by the flexibility in the implementation of programmes in terms of diversity training in time and location where they can be implemented in Arab, or European, or Asian, or American countries, will also hold training programmes at the headquarters of organizations and institutions, including training programmes known as detailed (in-house) so as to benefit the largest possible number of employees from the material of the training programme.

Implement training programmes and that also available in Arabic, English or French languages by experts certified academic specializing in the materials the subject of training courses and extensive experience in the practical training and theoretical as competent, and thus provides workshops and training services with high efficiency match the level of expectations of his clients and quality of the global creditably in the fields of training, counseling and human development.

Who are the clients of the International Training Centre & Consultation?
That the clients of the International Training Centre & Consultation are the foundation of his existence and one of the most important reasons for its continuity in the area of training field to become one of the most important pioneers of the training centers in the Arab world and therefore its client base extends through the Arab world and that the leading companies in their work field and for example, and not all them:

Saudi Shura Council,     High Commission for the development of Arriyadh,     Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities,     University of Baha Saudi Arabia,   Siemens Energy Ltd.,     The General Libyan Post & Telecommunications and Information Technology,     Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia,     Minerals of Saudi Arabia,     King Abdulaziz University of Science and Technology,     Gulf oil Company,     Qatar Public Work Authority,     SABIC Saudi Arabia,     Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization Program ,     Coca-Cola Company,     Kahramaa Qatar,     The Qatar Football Association,     Omani Liquefied Natural Gas LNG,     Qatar Telecom Inc.,      Ariba 94 Syria,     Palestine Telecommunication Company PalTel,     Mobily Company Saudi Arabia,     Libyan Shell Oil,    Qatar Petroleum Company,     Phosphate Jordan,     Telecom Amman Omantel,     Al Saad Group Companies Saudi Arabia,     Kuwait Oil Company KNPC,     The French University in Cairo,     The Ministry of Finance of Mauritania,     Suez Petroleum Company,     Maridive Petroleum Services Inc.,     Total Jamahiriya,     University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University,     The Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development Projects in Egypt.

What is the International Training Centre & Consultation Way of Work?
Through the support of the action plan and assistance in staff development ... And discuss various options to ensure that the appropriate training and the needed specialized one for the needs of the staff or the institutions whether Course sessions or consultations.
Where that the use of courses or counseling by professionals is the answer to be appropriate on the progress and development investment, and exchange of knowledge, or even develop the capacity internally.

Can of the International Training Center & Consultation can provide detailed training for entire groups of employees differ according to their specialties each discipline separately, leading to cost efficiency and growth of knowledge ... As the International Training Center & Consultation is specialist, it means that we have a network of experts in every fields and disciplines and a halt to the international standards adopted and who will be able to provide the needs of your organization, and providing solutions and consulting to a wide range of problems and issues faced by administrations in private companies or governmental ministries or industrial or commercial business.