Corrosion Control in Oil & Gas Exploration Industry

Location: MalaysiaStart Date: 29 / 10 / 2017
Language: EnglishDuration: 5

Course Objectives:

Course Description
Corrosion is the primary cause of fail¬ure of components in the process industries. Premature failure of critical components like pipelines, tanks, pressure vessels, boilers and related equipment often re¬sults in operating down time, loss of production, environ¬mental pollution and in some cases, loss of human life. The course crosses the boundaries from the fundamental information to top notch in the re¬cent technological achievement in this field.
Course Objectives

This course is designed for engineers and operators engaged in oil and gas exploration industry requiring an understanding of corrosion fundamentals: the causes and control of corrosion in oil and gas production and processing. This course will provide an overview of what corrosion is and what the major corrosion issues are in upstream oil and gas operations. The focus will be on understanding how materials corrode, what techniques are used to monitor corrosion and some basic corrosion control fundamentals. The participants will be introduced to inhibitors and how they work, corrosion monitoring in field applications and cathodic protection. The course content is presented from a practical production operations viewpoint and provides participants with the basic skills and understanding to control and solve corrosion issues.


• Types of corrosion.
• Methods of corrosion control.
• Chemical substances and corrosion.
• Choose corrosion resistant materials.
• Forms of corrosion and prevention of failure in oil and gas industries
• Common corrosion phenomenon
• How to choose suitable designs for corrosion resistance.
• Corrosion inhibitors.
• Methods of coating protection.
• Cathodic protection.
• Anodic protection.
• Biotechnology protection.
• Biological agents of corrosion products.
• Corrosion monitoring techniques:
Corrosion coupon testing, Electrochemical resistance probe, Ultrasonic thickness measurements, Mea­surements of corrosion potential, Alternating current impedance measurements, Hydrogen probes, corro­someter probes, Practical application of the corrosion monitoring methods
• Practical cases.

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