Insurace Courses

Course Name Location Starts Duration
Supply and use tables Sharm El-Shikh 2/12/2018 10 days
Vehicles insurance London 2/12/2018 5 days
Statistical works records of the Arab countries Istanbul 2/12/2018 5 days
Successful subscription course in insurance Dubai 2/12/2018 5 days
Technical foundations in the insurance file management in the industrial and commercial institution Istanbul 9/12/2018 10 days
Supply and use tables kuala lumpur 9/12/2018 10 days
BIBF Asset Liability and Liability Course cairo 9/12/2018 5 days
The rules of the insurance contracts and Resolution of disputes by arbitration kuala lumpur 16/12/2018 5 days
car insurance London 16/12/2018 5 days
health insurance Jeddah 23/12/2018 5 days