Course Name Location Starts Duration
Training of trainers on the use of the software package  ADePT  Spain 4/11/2018 5 days
Dubai 11/11/2018 5 days
Training Workshop on revision No. 3 Principles and recommendations of the General Census of Population and Housing and assess the quality of their data kuala lumpur 11/11/2018 5 days
Statistics of Government finance Sharm El-Shikh 12/11/2018 5 days
kuala lumpur 18/11/2018 5 days
SIX SIGMA and control Statistical Operations Istanbul 18/11/2018 5 days
Design of statistical samples Istanbul 18/11/2018 5 days
Census and field survey Dubai 19/11/2018 5 days
Statistics of Government finance Dubai 19/11/2018 5 days
Dubai 25/11/2018 5 days